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0224 0056

After the pen putting is done, the draft is erased with the eraser.
My arm becomes tired and becomes painful.
Manga Work 〒*0
0223 2117

This is an illustration for the book on Japan.

It is a futuristic BL manga.
A man with the gold hair is an android's steward.
He deeply loves master (boy who put on red clothes).

The translation version can't come out in the United States, I introduce it here.
Manga Work 〒*1
0223 1948

It is a character of the mystery Manga that I am drawing in Japan.
They are detective of twins.
Manga Work 〒*2
0221 1048

Color's work...
It is completed a little more.
Manga Work 〒*0
0214 2210

I have many pocketbooks.
I don't know why,I collect them.
One of them,I use it for drawing the characters.
I draw the characters & detail.
Then,the image is swollen.
These are L' Etoile Solitaire's memo.

This is an image when Micah(seme) is young.
But,It is quite unrelated to this volume.
Only I wanted to draw.
Manga Work 〒*3

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