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0211 2235

He always on the FAX.(His name is Ryu.)

By the way,
Thank you for a lot of comments!!
I'm glad and happy to read them.
and I'd like to write answer of the comments little by little.
please wait for a moment.
Daily Life 〒*0
0210 1918

It's rolling cat's house...


He asked to the house,"Who are you on the inside?"

(There are "Gin(black cat)" inside.
She is rolling inside their house. )
Daily Life 〒*1
0202 1658

I often listen to the music during work.
(But I never listen during making story.)
Mainly,Japanese pop music.

倖田來未(kumi koda),柴田淳(jun shibata),高橋瞳(hitomi takahashi),YUI,AAA,TM Revolution,宇多田ヒカル(Utada),スガシカオ(sugasikao),ポルノグラフィ(pornography)...

As for the music of the foreign country, I like female vocal.

Sarah brightman,Sarah McLachlan,Enya,...
But some beautiful music make me sleepy...

Please recommend if there is something
Daily Life 〒*5
0130 1726

This is character of Japanese cellular phone.
Their name is "docomodake".
They are family of mushroom.
I am collecting their goods.
Daily Life 〒*3
0128 1449

What do you say in English?
This is Fingernail Chip.
The Japanese nail artist has the internet shop, and I order her Fingernail Chip(It's her original design).
I love brilliant Fingernail!!
(about 1600YEN--3500YEN. It is not high so much.)
Daily Life 〒*3

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