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0309 1754

I'd like to answer some sent questions.
Please feel free to question.

*How did you decide to start drawing BL manga?

I was drawing the Syozyo(girl's) manga first.
One day,The editor of the BL publisher asked me, "Do you make the BL manga?"
After that, I started the work of the BL manga.

In fact,I knew about BL manga,in my high school student.
But,I was not interested in the BL manga even if the friend taught to me.

However, I grew up, and how to feel it changed.

Now,I feel about BL manga "MOE(萌え)" very much.
I want to draw more.
I don't know reason. It is very deep and rich.

*Also, do you often go back and re-read your own manga after they've been published?

Yes,I do.
Of course, I feel a past my work unskilled.

However, I carried out the best that was able to be done at that time.
I search my conscience, but I don't regret.

It is possible to grow up little by little by drawing the work.

*They look pretty big--about how old are they? (about my cats)

They are one years old.
But pretty big...Especially Ryu.
Animal doctor said to me,"Do not make him grow fat. "
I hope so,but he is very angry that food is few.
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