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0212 2346

Valentine became near.
How do you celebrate in your country?

There is a custom of passing the chocolate to a favorite person in Japan.
Daily Life 〒*2
In The U.S., I guess lovers usually give each other something like flowers, chocolates, or jewelry as a gift. I know a lot of couples celebrate by going out to dinner together too.
I don't know personally, I've never been in love. ^^;
But I do like to give Valentine cards and chocolate to my family and close friends.
Your valentine's day picture is so cute!
2007/02/14 08:03 | URL | momo | edit
Ogami sensei, I don't have a MySpace account so I will continue to check this blog. Sorry. v-254
2007/02/14 16:54 | URL | aoi_aka | edit

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