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0202 1658

I often listen to the music during work.
(But I never listen during making story.)
Mainly,Japanese pop music.

倖田來未(kumi koda),柴田淳(jun shibata),高橋瞳(hitomi takahashi),YUI,AAA,TM Revolution,宇多田ヒカル(Utada),スガシカオ(sugasikao),ポルノグラフィ(pornography)...

As for the music of the foreign country, I like female vocal.

Sarah brightman,Sarah McLachlan,Enya,...
But some beautiful music make me sleepy...

Please recommend if there is something
Daily Life 〒*5
I listen to NewS and KAT-TUN a lot. v-238

Try Celtic Woman. Very good Irish music.
2007/02/03 04:34 | URL | aoi_aka | edit
Who likes in them? >News & KAT-TUN

Celtic Woman! I know their name,
but I don't have CD.
I'll take it. Thank you for information.
I love Irish musicv-22
2007/02/04 11:37 | URL | Yuno ogami | edit
I like Pi and Ryo from NewS and Ueda and Nakamaru from KAT-TUN. v-10

Celtic Woman will have new CD soon. Also try Norah Jones.
2007/02/05 19:02 | URL | aoi_aka | edit
aoi_aka san >
I know Ueda&Pi(Pi=yamasita-kun?).
I'm afraid I don't know Ryo & Nakamaru very well.
I'll ask my friend of Johnnys's fan.

I ordered Celtic Woman's CD from mail order rental service.
It is the enjoymentv-238

I'd like to try Norah Jones too.

yvonne san >
Don't worry,
I could find these artist's homepages.

"eisley" is brilliant!! I'm very very loved it!!
I'll order their CD by Amazon.
I like Imogen too!!

Thank you for these information!
2007/02/12 18:37 | URL | Yuno ogami | edit
Ogami sensei, Pi is Yamasita-kun. I have watched him in Byakkotai. :D

Yvonne, a friend of mine first introduced me to KAT-TUN and it's been downhill ever since. I can't get enough of them and NewS. ^^;;
2007/02/14 16:47 | URL | aoi_aka | edit

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