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0414 1743

Long long time no see! hi there^^
I'm making video for people who wants to draw beautiful character.
Check it out!

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0826 1712
long time no see.
i'm alive.


i'd like to change my BL's homepage,so,Please wait then.
thank you.

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0113 1530

Thank you for comments on my blog.
New project have been started.
I'll report here to make this story.

Thank you!!!
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1013 2105
Hello! everyone.
"L 'ETOILE SOLITAIRE" is issued after 3 days.
I 'm throbs very much.

I draw this illustration for the person who sees this blog.

Thank you very much long long time waiting.
It is full of the gratitude.

(Sorry,I can't join "Yaoi-Con" this year.
I draw some sign Shikisi & postcards.
If you can join "Yaoi-Con" might be get these items.)


I'm starting next project same as JOEL.

I will write this blog sometimes.

All my love, for all readers.
Thank you.

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0925 2213

Sorry,I couldn't update my blog long time.
I had a lot of private things,and work hard.


L 'ETOILE SOLITAIRE is issued on October 15.
Please check it by all means:-))))))))
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